Beautifully aromatic and medicinally potent loose tea, blended with a perfect balance of wild harvested native herbs and herbs cultivated in the Yenepa Herbals urban herb farm in Milwaukee, WI. We respect all plant life and understand that each growing season will have varying yeilds. Depending on weather and plant growth habits, our teas will never be exactly the same. Every mixture will be unique and contain some or all of these herbs: Staghorn sumac, Rose, Chocolate mint, Apple mint, Chamomile, Cedar, Pine, Lavender, Bee balm, Comfrey, Yarrow, Bayberry, Witch hazel, Birch, Thyme, Sage, Catnip, Rosemary, Lemon balm, Tarragon, Red clover, and Rosehips. Enjoy the calm and comfort that fills your Spirit from our caffeine-free herbal tea blend! 3oz

Wild Green Blessings Tea


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