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"My mission is to help others attain mind, body, and spirit wellness through the use of products that I have handcrafted with love, respect, and intention"

Angela Kingsawan - owner of Yenepa Herbals

Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa); This beautiful and powerful wild flower has many different names. Here in Wisconsin, our Oneida friends refer to it as #6 and use it as a tea during cold and flu season. I have found it beneficial for migraine and stress. Give it a try, it works wonders!


Yenepa Herbals and the Owner and Founder: Herbalist, Angela Kingsawan 

"We don't feed or use pesticides on our plants at all! They are watered from the rain that falls and fed from the nutrients in the soil."

Angela Kingsawan - owner of Yenepa Herbals


"Every product I have ever created was originally meant to heal a disorder for one or all of my daughters."

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